G5 Blank "Thank You3"

P19 Blank "Smile"

B9 Inside: "Happy Birthday Queen"

B1 Blank "You Rule." 

L11 Blank "Not Sick of You"

P15 Blank "Lincoln"

L6 Inside: "I love you and I

will help you untangle your knots."

P17 Blank "Serve the World"

P9 Blank "Hangs On"

P26 Blank "Got This"

P18 Blank "Head in the Sky"

P24 Blank "Wings to Fly"

B2 Inside: "You make the world a better place. 

P5 Blank "Einstein" 

P3 Blank "I Am Not Afraid.""

H10 Blank "Three Cats"

L2 Inside: "Yes, Ever"

L3 Blank "Besties"

H6 Blank "Restraints"

G6 Blank "Thinking of You"

L12 Blank "My Tribe"

P23 Blank "Change"

H2 Blank "Don't Look at Me"

L4 Inside: "Big Love For You"

P20 Blank "Stay Woke"


P21 Blank "Supreme




H7 Blank "I'm So Clever""

Cards are 5 x 4 w/white envelope (A2) $1.75 ea.
‚Äč$100 minimum /net 30

for shipping rates and to place an order

P16 Blank "Miracles"


P13 Blank "Kiss the Ground"

B8 Inside: "Happy Birthday Dad"

S4 Blank "Dog Sympathy"

G4 Blank "Thank You2"

L14 Blank "Sunshine"

L1 Blank "Only One You"

P14 Blank "Leap"

P8 Blank "Live Forever"

S1 Blank "Deep Sympathy"

H8 Blank "You Up?"

P10 Inside: "Well done."

P1 Inside: "Find out who you are and do it on purpose." 

B6 Inside: "You're one in a
million. Happy Birthday." 

G3 Blank "Thank You1"

L9 Blank "To my brother 

from another mother."

H1 Inside: "And it goes with everything."

W1 Inside: "Adventure Awaits"

P2 Inside:"BIG"

P28 Blank "Circles"

L8 Inside: "Me and
you, just us two."

B5 "Inside: "Hearts and Flowers for you!" 

H3 Inside: 'And call me."

W1 Inside: "Happily Ever After"


B7 Blank "Not Old"

S2 Blank "My Heart Hurts"


P7 Blank "You Got This"

P22 Blank "True Strength"

P12 Blank "Be In The World"

L15 Blank "You Get Me"


L10 Blank "I Love You"

P25 Blank "You Got This"

H5 Blank "Phone Don't Ring"

H4 Blank "Not Today Satan"

L7 Blank "I Choose You."

P6 Blank "Come, Come"

W3 Inside: "Whoooooot"

L13 Blank "You Are a Gem"

P4 Blank "Blessed Mother" 

G2 Blank "Hello2"

B4  Blank "Happy Birthday Man"

S3 Blank "Cat Sympathy"

G7 Inside: "May Blessings Abound"

G1 Inside: "I'm thinking 

about you."

P27 Blank "Frida"

L5 Blank "Friendship"

H9 Inside: "Does that mean

I'm resisting a rest?"

B3 Inside:"Happy Birthday Ma."

P11 Blank "Honor the Space"